Business Portraits Info.

A fresh business portrait is a valuable tool to help your clients connect with you. In this age of online marketing and social media, having the wrong profile picture is not a good way to be successful. According to a Wall Street Journal article,

“LinkedIn research shows that a page with a profile picture is seven times as likely to be viewed as a page without one.”

Sometimes called a business publicity portrait or simply a head shot, this is the photograph that you also use on your business card that you send out with press releases about your business, that you put on your website, include in the office portrait gallery, that is printed in the company brochure or used in your ad. No matter what business you are in, you need to keep your business portrait current.

Your Business Portrait is Your Image

Your business portrait embodies you and your company and you can’t represent your business or profession with a outdated or unprofessional photo. The quality of your portrait affects how the world sees you, so
make a lasting impression with an image that conveys the warmth and professional trust that you bring to your work. I care how you come across and it shows in the work I have done for others. A good business portrait is a necessity.