Portraits FAQ

How much time will be needed to do the photography?
I do not have a limit. Some sessions may take longer than others. Plan on allotting one to two hours.

How do I decide what to wear?
Keep it simple. Avoid patterns. For our casual sessions white or light color tops are good. For the classic sessions wear black in order to keep the focus on the expressions and not the clothes. Long sleeves for women is flattering.

What if I have blemishes, pimples or I am sunburned?
Minor retouching can be done if needed. Much can be done to improve and enhance your image and if it is time-consuming, I will give you a quote for something that is more complicated.

Will I receive digital files from my photo session?
Yes. Every image you purchase will have a digital file that can be used for social media and sharing with friends.

What if I don’t like the photos?
Your photos are guaranteed. I try to determine what style you prefer and if you have any special concerns at the planning session. As the photo session progresses we will periodically review the photos to see how it’s going.

Who should be at the design session?
The person making the decision as to what to purchase must attend the design session. As a bonus there is a 10% off if you order during the design session.

What if I have trouble choosing?
Often there are so many great pictures that it is hard to choose. I will advise you and offer suggestions as to how to utilize extra photos, such as creating a beautiful coffee table book. There may be relatives of yours who will want additional gift prints or wall portraits. You will be shown additional products that you may like.

How will I know where to put up my wall portraits in my home?
After years of having this come up, I have many ideas. Over a couch or fireplace are good locations. A stairway or living room are also nice places for several wall portraits together. Smaller prints are good on a shelf or table or office desk. Look around for possible places to put up your wall art.

What is a typical investment that most people spend on their portraits?
You will be able to go over the costs of products at the planning session. There is a session fee needed to reserve your date. This does not cover any products. The session fee is nonrefundable. Session fee for in studio photography is $150. This secures the date and covers the expenses of preparing for you to be photographed.