Styles of the Portrait

This style features the natural moments that people have with each other in a loose, easy going-way. Our session will be done in black and white. The free-flowing journalistic approach encourages unposed casual movements in a creative, and joyful atmosphere. This is great for families. So get ready for energetic fun. This work is done on a white background with subjects usually wearing white tops.

Here we use a dark background with subjects wearing dark or black clothes. This style emphasizes emotional impact in a strait forward way that keeps the attention on the face of the subjects. There is a fine art tradition in using black and white to give photography depth and concentrate on the character of the people being photographed. The Classic style is defined by a felt connection in a more contemplative style. This is good for individuals, couples and families.

There is a soft sensitive look in a child’s face. An engaging, artistic, simple look of the sweet joyful innocent is the goal. Tots to teens will melt your heart in this style. Nothing is forced in these rich color portraits. The end result shows children at their most genuine best. I encourage you to bring hats, scarves and anything else that will enhance the lovely faces of your child or children.